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Glenn Pattison
How Sahaja Yoga has helped me
Glenn Pattison Toronto Canada
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
I Feel Great !!
 It all started Oct. 15 1995 Two friends took me to a
Sahaja yoga Program.We all wanted to try meditation
We experienced the cool breeze sensation that night
I could not attend the follow up program for 2 weeks.
    My friends went and showed me how they were 
shown how to meditate.I did this for 2 weeks until I 
could attend the program.When I attended the program
I knew something special would happen that night.
    They had a workshop,where an experienced 
yogi worked on the blockages in my energy centres.
The energy (Kundalini) raised up my spine and I could
feel it go out the top of my head.This felt like every cell
in my entire body was filled with Pure Love.This type
I had never felt before,It felt as if I was secure as a baby
in a mothers care sleeping in a bed,but such Joy
                     Joy !!     Joy!!        Pure Joy !!
 This cannot even be described by me.

      I have been meditating ever since(now 6 years)
in the morning and evening for a half hour each.

    I hope everyone can experience this Joy!!!!!